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One solution to work across Windows, Mac, iOS, LINUX, VM’s, Android, Raspberry Pi, and Web Activation.

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Our insights on what to look for in a licensing solution, based on customer discussions and feedback.

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One-time license activation fee after your sale.

Never pay anything else.

 software_DNA 20th Anniversary
Software Activation Tools featuring software_DNA

software_DNA just turned 20 years old!

That's right, 20 years already. In Internet years, that's forever.

Celebrating our 20th anniversary, we're excited to announce Activation Tools new features and simplified pricing.

Feature & Benefit Summary


Hosted Environment

Hosted Environment means we worry about 24/7 operations, we worry about operational costs, and you benefit from all our development actions.


Multi OS Compatibility

Windows, Mac, Linux, Android - 32 & 64 bit and browser-based Web Apps. All major OS's and all browsers are supported. License Activation codes can be used across any platform and are not OS specific. The software_DNA API's are the same across any platform, making it easy and fast to port to new OS's and expand your sales.

Each instance is considered an individual licensed device.


Simple to Complex Software Licensing Models

License your software with Multi-seat, Floating, Subscription, Feature-Based, etc... to support your Marketing Strategies, whether your application is for individual users, Small Businesses, large Enterprises, or institutions.

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Web Apps

Web App licensing is supported regardless of browser type, OS type or machine type. Each activated Web App counts as a licensed device. Connect a device App to your Web App under the same License for immersive web enhanced offerings.

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Ecommerce Integration

Connect your eCommerce store-front to software_DNA for a real-time and automated license fulfillment process. All major eCommerce solutions are supported.

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RESTful API Integration

Use the DNA RESTful API to directly connect your internal business processes to software_DNA for enhanced Customer Service and Support.


Allow Users to try Before They Buy

This is a proven way to increase Sales. Distribute Trial / Evaluation copies on download sites, peer-to-peer networks, all over the internet with secure timed licenses and make your application VISIBLE everywhere.


Complete Test Environment

Use the software_DNA SandBox environment to fully explore and test all our features and options before and after launch of your Apps.


Our clients rave about our features and responsive technical support.

We are enjoying the software_DNA service as it's made our lives far easier when it comes to product activation and management.

Neil Benson

Wide Angle Software Ltd

softworkz support has been behind me through every change we've made and I couldn't be more impressed by the level of service I've received.

Madeleine Cortés

Sonic Studio, LLC

100% reliable with excellent customer support.

The product works exactly as described in the detailed documentation. In the very few occasions when I needed clarification, customer support has been superb and sent me prompt and thorough answers to all types of questions. Even my special requests about not yet implemented features were addressed.

Ioannis Rigopoulos