Activation Tools Launch

May 1, 2022

Celebrating our 20th year anniversary, we've launched Activation Tools.

This is a very exciting milestone for us!

Activation Tools delivers a new offering to meet the needs of large software developers, with expanded integration features and simple and discounted volume pricing,

Activation Tools uses our time-proven software_DNA licensing backend with continuously evolving features and capabilities.

software_DNA Version 6 Launch

August 5, 2020

Version 6 arrives with many new features.

We’re excited to launch the 6th generation of software_DNA. This release adds mobile and browser-based web app licensing to our previous support of OS and device types. Our solution now supports every type of device across all platforms.

software_DNA and GDPR Compliance

April 23, 2018

We've updated our DNA Control Panel and provided new functions in the DNA Control Panel to harmonize with GDPR policy.

The European Union GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) regulation concerns data protection and privacy for all individuals within the European Union.

The GDPR aims primarily to give control back to citizens and residents over their personal data and becomes effective on May 25, 2018.

If you have End-Users based in the EU, then the GDPR regulation applies to your relationship with your customers and applies to our relationship with you as a "processor" of End-User personal data on your behalf. It is your responsibility to ensure your EULA with your End-User includes the personal information that we store while providing our Licensing Management services.

In order to help you in achieving GDPR Compliance, we have updated our DNA Control Panel and provided new functions in the DNA Control Panel to View, Download and erase the "Personal Information" currently stored by software_DNA for your End-Users.

See software_DNA and GDPR Compliance for details.

New Documentation Home for Control Panel

November 1, 2017

We've combined and enhanced our Knowledge-base and Overviews.

Our ONLINE HELP and Documentation Resources have been combined and enhanced to provide you with better access to our complete list of Knowledge Articles and Overviews, as well as providing online versions of our Developer Guides and eCommerce Integration Guides.

Visit our Documentation:  Docs

Subscription Licensing with PayPal

June 1, 2017

PayPal Subscriptions are now supported by our PayPal Connector.

Use PayPal’s Subscribe and UnSubscribe hosted buttons and our updated PayPal Connector to fully automate the License Fulfillment and lifetime management of the License Activation Code.

Subscription Licensing for desktop/laptop software applications is an evolving trend in the industry and is now supported by many of our eCommerce Connectors.

When a new Subscription is created in PayPal, software_DNA will automatically issue a License Code to your customer.

During the lifetime of the PayPal Subscription, software_DNA will authenticate / validate the LicenseWhen a Subscription is cancelled by PayPal (either by the user, or for no payment, ...) , software_DNA will revoke that License Code automatically.

Our detailed PayPal eCommerce Integration Guide is available via the DNA Control Panel.

Floating Licensing Released

June 6, 2016

software_DNA from softWORKZ, a secure software Licensing solution, now adds even greater flexibility for your software licensing needs with Floating Licenses. 

Floating Licenses allows the installation and execution of your software application on multiple computers but will limit the number of concurrent users to the License "Seat" setting. For example, your application could be installed on 100 enterprise computers, but with a "Seat" setting of 5, only 5 concurrent users will be allowed.

Global Scope: Users can be located anywhere on the Internet, not just in a local LAN sub-network, ensuring that global enterprises, big and small, can use your Floating Licenses across their business.

Hosted solution: With software_DNA, no need to install a "Floating License" server on the Enterprise network with all the subsequent support issues. software_DNA’s Floating License solution is hosted on our Servers and maintained 24/7 by our Tech Team.

License "Lease" approach: The software_DNA Floating License is based on our Multi-User License model combined with a License seat "Lease" approach, where the seat "Lease" automatically expires after a 2 days.The "Lease" approach provides several benefits to the Users, including:

If a User forgets to close the application, then the seat Lease will expire and automatically release the seat for other Users   

If a User’s computer crashes before the lease is de-activated (or the computer is lost or stolen), the seat Lease will expire and automatically release the seat for other users.

During extraordinary events (ex: no internet connectivity to the DNA Servers), the current Users will continue to have access and use of the application for the "Lease" period (i.e. up to 2 days).

Seats can always be released immediately via the myLicense Portal/Manager and via the DNA Control Panel.

Documentation and Code Samples for implementing your Floating License product are available in the DNA Control Panel.